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  1. Denouement ( 0 Comments )

    Volume 1 Teaser

    So that’s it! The first Wild Hunt story has now wrapped up. So we’re going to take a break for a bit before we come back with a new storyline.

    We’re at work on the second storyline and content nessecary to clean everything up for a print edition of Volume 1. Now is a great time to read through the whole story and I’d be interested in any comments/thoughts/questions anybody has.

    At any rate, watch this space. We’ll be back soon.

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  2. Why Should You Be Reading Judge Dredd? ( 0 Comments )

    Reading Judge Dredd So if you’re into a good cyberpunk or post-apocalypse and you’ve never delved into Judge Dredd, you’re doing yourself a grave disservice. The comic takes place beginning in 2099 through the early 2100s largely occurring in the sprawling Mega City One, which takes up the entire east coast of North America. Our hero is a stubborn cop serving the fascist government of the Mega City who never ever takes his helmet off and always obeys the law— to a fault.

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  3. Always Human is 100% Human ( 0 Comments )

    Always Human

    I’ve been seeing posts around the webcomics communities I frequent for a comic called Always Human for a long time. The last time I visited the comic there were only a couple of pages. It was pretty, but it didn’t seem to be updating, so with any regularity, so it sort-of slipped off my radar.

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  4. 2015 Comics - The High Points: a Top 10 List! ( 0 Comments )

    So… Marvel's Secret Wars was garbage. But I read a lot of other comics in 2015 and there were a lot of duds. But since lists are a thing, I'm going to go over my top 10 list of things I read in the past year that I think really stood out. I’m not limiting this list strictly to things that came out in 2015— just stuff that I read in 2015— but the two things generally correspond.


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  5. Aaaand Chapter 2 is a Wrap! ( 0 Comments )

    Chapter 2 IS DONE!

    So this week, we wrapped up Chapter 2! Chapter 3 will be following in a couple of weeks here. I need some time to deal with the holidays and travel and the like before we roll into the next chapter. But this isn’t going to be a hiatus like we had between the first two chapters. Dima is still on the comic and will be the artist through the upcoming chapter.

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  6. Chapter 2 is nearly Wrapped Up! ( 0 Comments )

    Chapter 2 Header Graphic

    We're in the final stretch with Chapter 2! A few more weeks and we'll be out of pages on this one. BUT! Unlike with Chapter 1, our current artist, Dima is sticking around to draw more of the comic, so I already have pages for Chapter 3 to post, so there won't be a six month hiatus between chapters this time.

    I haven't lettered any of Chapter 3 yet, though. It doesn't take long to do, but I'm super busy with life and I just haven't gotten to it yet. So my plan is to take a few weeks between chapters 2 and 3. I'll sit down during the Xmas holiday and letter all of, or at least a chunk of Chapter 3 and get it up and running post-haste.

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