Volume 2 is on Its Way.

Chapter 6 Teaser

I know it's been quiet around here, lately. And it probably will be for a bit. But don't despair. The Wild Hunt will be returning with a new storyline soon. Dima is hard at work on pages for Chapter 6 and we've decided to make some stylistic upgrades to the comic that I think everyone will be really happy with!

Work has also begun to get Volume 1 (Chapters 1-5) ready for print. Dima has redrawn Chapter 1 in his own style so that the print version will have a nice consistent look to it. We've also touched up the pages a bit for the print version. So that will be something to watch for too.

I'm also planning on making Blakely's pages available in standard comic book form. So if You're interested in getting the original version of the first chapter, that will be an option too.

More news as it develops!