There is another world outside what humanity experiences in their day-to-day life. In the dark, the abandoned places, and just beyond the corner of the eye, supernatural beings make their home and live their lives. These creatures generally go unseen by the mortal populations that make up the mundane world.

In ancient times, a deal was struck between these unseen beings and humanity. In a time when it became clear that the mortal populations would soon greatly outnumber them, the creatures of the dark agreed to leave the mortal civilizations be if the mortals would, in turn stop hunting them. Implausibly, the compact was honored and in time mortal populations of the world forgot and stopped believing in magic and monsters.

But still, there are those who decide to ignore or not honor the compact. A being will go into the other culture's domain and wreak havoc among its population. So an enforcement position was established by the supernatural powers to serve as ambassador and enforcer whenever the compact was broached. Walking the line between the mortal and supernatural realms, the Wild Hunt seeks out those who encroach on the domain of the other and restores the boundaries between the mortal and supernatural.

This story begins when a young woman, named Holly, is injured in a near-fatal cycling accident that places her in a coma. She's offered a chance to return to her life in exchange for taking up the mantle of the Wild Hunt. But when she returns to the world that kept on moving without her, it's hard for her to figure out where to jump back into things. And balancing her life with her new responsibilities just makes the whole thing more complex.

Who's Responsible for this thing?

Shaun Gilroy - Writer ( shaun@wildhuntcomic.com ) - tumblr - twitter
Shaun is a freelance web developer by day who fancies himself a writer. He's the one responsible for the site, story, and text of the comic.

Blakely Inberg - Artist
Blakely is responsible for drawing all the things for Chapter 1

Felix Ortiz - Artist
Felix is responsible for the art in the Chapter 1 Interlude

Dima Derzhavin - Artist ( dima.derzhavin.art@gmail.com ) - DeviantArt - twitter - instagram - ArtStation
Dima is the Wild Hunt artist beginning Chapter 2 Onward!