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  1. Wild Hunt is Back From Break!! ( 0 Comments )

    Chapter 7 Teaser

    We’ve been on break for a bit, but art is queued up once more and we’ll be posting pages again starting on Monday the 14th!

    With the art we have ready, we should be able to run for a while before the next break. So mark you webcomic calendars to check in on us every Monday for the foreseeable future because things are about to get interesting.

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  2. The Wild Hunt is Now on ComiXology! ( 0 Comments )


    Wild Hunt Volume 1 is NOW available on ComiXology! You can find it by clicking HERE or just go over to the ComiXology site and search around for comics about the Wild Hunt!

    If you recall, we ran a Kickstarter campaign earlier this year to get this book printed. That didn't work out so, we finished up the book anyway and submitted it to ComiXology. They have graciously opened their doors for us and you can now download it and read it on their platform.

    Why would you do that, you ask? Why buy a comic that you can very handily just read for free here on the website? Well, I can't answer that question for you. That's your own demon to wrestle with. But there are a few reasons you might want to snag it, in my opinion.

    Let's look at the list: ...

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  3. Kickstarter Post Mortem ( 0 Comments )

    (Reprinted from the Kickstarter Campaign for completeness.)

    The Kickstarter is dead. Long Live the Kickstarter.

    Alright. So that didn’t come out the way I had hoped.

    The Kickstarter was actually very educational to me in that I learned a lot about promoting a webcomic. There were promotion methods I’d been using that it became obvious pretty quickly weren’t getting any attention and there were methods that I’d completely ignored that I discovered during the campaign actually got much better results than many of the things I was doing before the campaign.

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  4. 2017 Reading - The High Points ( 0 Comments )

    Reading Comics in 2017

    Every year or two I make list of my favorite books of the previous year. I always find this a little difficult because a lot of the things that I read and really enjoy in a particular year were actually published in prior years, or even prior decades. And, as such, I often find the 'Best Comics of 2017' lists to be difficult to put together. There's lots I'd love to recommend, but then I realize that it was actually a new comic in 2013 or something like that.

    So this year, I'm not gonna play that game. This year, I'm just looking at things that I picked up in 2017. Some of them are from 2017. Some of them are not. But all of them made this past catastrophe of a year more more bearable to me.

    And since I'm not going to limit myself to 2017. Then I'm also not limiting myself to comics. All reading media is fair game in my list here. But I will say that most of what I read is comics, so this is still going to be largely a list of comics.

    So! Things I enjoyed in 2017 in roughly, but not strictly, chronologically order leaving out the things I found just okay or actually terrible! Onward!

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