Get the Wild Hunt Volume 1 TPB!

Wild Hunt TPB Volume 1

Hey all! The gears have been turning behind the scenes and we have a few things to let you know about.

First of all, The Wild Hunt TPB Volume 1 is out and you can order it from us on Gumroad! This print volume is 124 pages and collects the first five chapters of the webcomic. Also, the pages for the first chapter in this volume have been redrawn by Dima, so that the whole trade paperback is drawn by the same artist.

You can order it by clicking THIS LINK! Or by clicking on the 'Get Stuff ' navigation link to go to our Gumroad page. Also, if you happen to live in Eugene Oregon, you can get a copy from Books With Pictures Eugene without having to wait for it to come in the mail.

Also; Chapter 9 art is complete and I'll working on lettering the pages soon. So we'll probably start posting new pages around the holidays or the beginning of January.

Also also; I'm just now beginning the process, but I've moved the characters page and begun building a Lore section. I think there's enough backmatter at this point to start outlining some of the world of the comic in more detail. There are characters, but also creatures and places of note that the intrepid reader might find helpful to track from chapter to chapter.