That Closes Out Our Second Storyline

Wild Hunt Chapter 10 Closing

And that's that for the second arc. Chapter 10 is a wrap!

Dima has started work on the pages for Chapter 11, but given the state of the world and life in general, it's been slow going this past year. We'll start posting pages again once we've got a comfortable amount of them queued up.

The end of Chapter 10 means it's also time to start working on the second print volume of the comic. Any delays on that front are on me as I've also had a ton of real life responsibilities interfering with my fun projects. But with any luck, volume two will get assembled in PDF and then printed sometime this fall or early winter (2022-23).

I have a day job and Dima has other projects he's responsible for, so this project unfortunately takes a back seat to other responsibilities. But we'll be back with more Wild Hunt soon enough!