The Book of Threes!

(As a side note, I keep referring to the Book of Threes because it's a magical grimoire in the world of the Wild Hunt full of spells and guidance for an aspiring druid)

While we're working on getting the 10th chapter all drawn up and ready to go, I decided that now might be a good time to dive into the topic of magic in the Wild Hunt. Obviously magic is real in our setting, but some of the fun of writing a story like this is to sit down and decide how much different it is from our (yours and mind, reader) world.

Why does magic work in the world of the Wild Hunt and how far can it go? What are the limits of magic and why-- why doesn't everyone know about magic if it does in fact work? These are basic world-building questions you have to answer for yourself when you create a story in a world so similar to the "real" world.

I have a bunch of backmatter written up that never enters into the story (and probably never will) sitting on my computer. But I also personally love world building stuff. So, while I'm the only one that may care about this stuff, it seems to me something that some of you might be interested in.

So what I've begun to do here is edited and cleaned-up my stream of consciousness notes that I've written down across various markdown files and I've begun collecting them in the 'Legends and Lore' section of the site.

Initially, all I had was a basic writeup about what the Wild Hunt is and a character list. But I've recently begun posting my notes about how magic works. It's kind-of the biggest deviation our setting has from the real world, so it seems to me one of the more interesting places to start in outlining some of the behind the scenes details for our comic.

There's more to come, but currently, I've added:

  1. "What is magic?" in the most general terms
  2. The general concept of Disenchantment
  3. Artifacts, or magical items. What they are and where to find them

I think next I'm going to edit down the Spells & Glamours documents before I post the less interesting notes on mortals vs wyrd. But we'll see what happens. Spells is a big topic and I might just leave it for last because it involves the most editing and collating.