Wild Hunt Has a Patreon!

Patreon Heade Graphic

Okay. So now we have a Patreon. I'm actually not sure what to do with this thing because we don't really produce a lot of spare content but everybody tells you that if you have a webcomic, you should have a Patreon. So here we are, I guess.

At any rate, there's no ultimate harm in having one and if we do come up with a clever use for a Patreon, we will already have one to work with. Who knows-- maybe it will help us by covering web hosting costs, right?

So if you've got a spare buck, head over to our freshly minted Patreon and drop something in the tip jar.

And don't forget the entire first volume of the Wild Hunt with high res art and a redrawn Chapter 1 is up on ComiXology for purchase. Snagging that for yourself could help us out a lot as well.