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  1. Kickstarter Post Mortem ( 0 Comments )

    (Reprinted from the Kickstarter Campaign for completeness.)

    The Kickstarter is dead. Long Live the Kickstarter.

    Alright. So that didn’t come out the way I had hoped.

    The Kickstarter was actually very educational to me in that I learned a lot about promoting a webcomic. There were promotion methods I’d been using that it became obvious pretty quickly weren’t getting any attention and there were methods that I’d completely ignored that I discovered during the campaign actually got much better results than many of the things I was doing before the campaign.

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  2. 2017 Reading - The High Points ( 0 Comments )

    Reading Comics in 2017

    Every year or two I make list of my favorite books of the previous year. I always find this a little difficult because a lot of the things that I read and really enjoy in a particular year were actually published in prior years, or even prior decades. And, as such, I often find the 'Best Comics of 2017' lists to be difficult to put together. There's lots I'd love to recommend, but then I realize that it was actually a new comic in 2013 or something like that.

    So this year, I'm not gonna play that game. This year, I'm just looking at things that I picked up in 2017. Some of them are from 2017. Some of them are not. But all of them made this past catastrophe of a year more more bearable to me.

    And since I'm not going to limit myself to 2017. Then I'm also not limiting myself to comics. All reading media is fair game in my list here. But I will say that most of what I read is comics, so this is still going to be largely a list of comics.

    So! Things I enjoyed in 2017 in roughly, but not strictly, chronologically order leaving out the things I found just okay or actually terrible! Onward!

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  3. The Harpies Unleashed Upon the Site ( 0 Comments )

    Sinister Harpies Glaring!

    We're still working on Chapter 6! Updates to the site are on the way. I'm also wrapping up the details on the Kickstarter Campaign to get the print version of Volume 1 underway. Everything, of course, proceeds at a snail's pace. But it is a determined snail with its eyes on the prize and you can rest assured that snail will get where it's going.

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  4. A Total Eclipse of the Sun~ ( 0 Comments )

    Print Cover Teaser

    This week there's an eclipse coming through a big chunk of the US. Eclipses are often a harbinger of something terrible, but this time it's foretelling the imminent release of Chapter 1 of the Wild Hunt coming to print. I'm wrapping up the interior pages and Dima has completed the cover. So soon, there will be a Kickstarter announcement here. We will be collecting the first arc of the Wild Hunt comic and making it available as a PDF and print book.

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  5. Volume 2 is on Its Way. ( 0 Comments )

    Chapter 6 Teaser

    I know it's been quiet around here, lately. And it probably will be for a bit. But don't despair. The Wild Hunt will be returning with a new storyline soon. Dima is hard at work on pages for Chapter 6 and we've decided to make some stylistic upgrades to the comic that I think everyone will be really happy with!

    Work has also begun to get Volume 1 (Chapters 1-5) ready for print. Dima has...

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  6. Denouement ( 0 Comments )

    Volume 1 Teaser

    So that’s it! The first Wild Hunt story has now wrapped up. So we’re going to take a break for a bit before we come back with a new storyline.

    We’re at work on the second storyline and content nessecary to clean everything up for a print edition of Volume 1. Now is a great time to read through the whole story and I’d be interested in any comments/thoughts/questions anybody has.

    At any rate, watch this space. We’ll be back soon.

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  7. Why Should You Be Reading Judge Dredd? ( 0 Comments )

    Reading Judge Dredd So if you’re into a good cyberpunk or post-apocalypse and you’ve never delved into Judge Dredd, you’re doing yourself a grave disservice. The comic takes place beginning in 2099 through the early 2100s largely occurring in the sprawling Mega City One, which takes up the entire east coast of North America. Our hero is a stubborn cop serving the fascist government of the Mega City who never ever takes his helmet off and always obeys the law— to a fault.

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  8. Always Human is 100% Human ( 0 Comments )

    Always Human

    I’ve been seeing posts around the webcomics communities I frequent for a comic called Always Human for a long time. The last time I visited the comic there were only a couple of pages. It was pretty, but it didn’t seem to be updating, so with any regularity, so it sort-of slipped off my radar.

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  9. 2015 Comics - The High Points: a Top 10 List! ( 0 Comments )

    So… Marvel's Secret Wars was garbage. But I read a lot of other comics in 2015 and there were a lot of duds. But since lists are a thing, I'm going to go over my top 10 list of things I read in the past year that I think really stood out. I’m not limiting this list strictly to things that came out in 2015— just stuff that I read in 2015— but the two things generally correspond.


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  10. Aaaand Chapter 2 is a Wrap! ( 0 Comments )

    Chapter 2 IS DONE!

    So this week, we wrapped up Chapter 2! Chapter 3 will be following in a couple of weeks here. I need some time to deal with the holidays and travel and the like before we roll into the next chapter. But this isn’t going to be a hiatus like we had between the first two chapters. Dima is still on the comic and will be the artist through the upcoming chapter.

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  11. Chapter 2 is nearly Wrapped Up! ( 0 Comments )

    Chapter 2 Header Graphic

    We're in the final stretch with Chapter 2! A few more weeks and we'll be out of pages on this one. BUT! Unlike with Chapter 1, our current artist, Dima is sticking around to draw more of the comic, so I already have pages for Chapter 3 to post, so there won't be a six month hiatus between chapters this time.

    I haven't lettered any of Chapter 3 yet, though. It doesn't take long to do, but I'm super busy with life and I just haven't gotten to it yet. So my plan is to take a few weeks between chapters 2 and 3. I'll sit down during the Xmas holiday and letter all of, or at least a chunk of Chapter 3 and get it up and running post-haste.

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  12. Don’t Call it a Comeback! ( 0 Comments )

    One Does Not Simpy Come Back.

    I planned on offering a bit more warning before the comic came back, but it turns out I got pages ready much faster than I thought I would. So instead of sitting on them and coyly teasing you about upcoming pages, I just decided to get this thing up and running again.

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  13. The Great Wild Hunt Artist Search ( 0 Comments )

    Chapter 2 Script Excerpt

    Alright! It's time for the great new Artist for the Wild Hunt search of 2015!

    I’m looking for an artist to produce full color pages (at least one per week, but more if possible). Obviously, introducing a new artist means introducing a new style to the comic, but I want the new art to maintain the atmosphere established by the first two artists that I've worked with. I do the lettering of the pages, so the artist would not be responsible for that.

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  14. My Favorite Comics of 2014 ( 0 Comments )

    I read a lot of comics. And as such, I have many opions about ones that are good. Some of those opinions line up with the opinons of others on the internets. Some do not. But under the presupposition that you're interested in what I thought about comics this year, I have compiled a list of comics that I have read and enjoyed this year. Since this seems to be the customary way to ring in the new year; Happy 2015!

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  15. Chapter 1 Interlude ( 0 Comments )

    While Mina is still slaving away on pages from Chapter 2, I wrote a five-page side-story that Felix Ortiz was able to draw up. I feel like this was a good chance to play with some of the characters and places that don't feature so heavily in the first few chapters of the comic and also sets a precident for new a new artist working on the comic in a new style.

    It also gives you something to look at while Mina works on the pages for Chapter 2.

    The pages from the interlude will be going up one at a time, beginning with this coming Monday for five weeks then shortly after that, hopefully, we'll be able to start posting page from Chapter 2.

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  16. New Artist Beginning With Chapter 2 ( 0 Comments )

    Alright. So it's been a little quiet around here lately and I've got some updates for those of you interested in what's going on here.

    Our artist for Chapter 1, Blakely Inberg, has encountered schedule constraints and simply doesn't have the time to continue drawing the comic. So we have a new artist, Mina Armanini, who will be taking up drawing duties beginning with Chapter 2.

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  17. So That Wraps Up Chapter 1 ( 0 Comments )

    That's it for now! Page 24 wraps up Chapter 1. We'll be taking a short hiatus to allow the art to catch up before resuming with Chapter 2.

    In the mean time, I'm going to be making some changes and doing some general clean-up in on the website. So if you see something out of place or just have any general requests that would make the site easier for you to use, feel free to send them along and I might use your suggestions to determine what I prioritize here.

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  18. Holy Search Rankings, Batman! ( 0 Comments )

    I was googling us today, to see where we are in the search rankings today. So I searched for "wild hunt comic" and scrolled to the bottom of the first page to see the site link. Nothing. So I sighed and clicked the link to the next page. We weren't on the second page either.

    I was already thinking of what sorts of things I might want to change to get us back on the first two pages of Google results and went back to the first page to see who was showing up in the first few results to take notes on what they were doing.

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  19. Emerald City Comic Con & MoCCA Fest ( 0 Comments )

    I'm in Seattle at Emerald City Comic Con this weekend. I dont' have a table or anything, but if you run across a guy with a worn tan backpack covered in buttons with a Kirby's Epic Yarn patch on it, that's probably me. Feel free to say 'hi.'

    This is the main reason there's no new page this week. I'm out and about hoping to bring some attention to the comic before our April 7 hard launch. Hopefully I'll manage to talk to some folks who remember to mention us.

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  20. Let the Games Begin! ( 0 Comments )

    Hi! I'm Shaun and this is a webcomic called The Wild Hunt. It updates weekly, on Mondays. I'm starting us out with the first four pages to give you a decent starting beat before we hit the ground running with regular updates on Monday, Apr 7.

    It's my guess that you've noticed details around here are a little sparse. But I'll be filling things out as I get the chance. But if you've got questions for us, just let me know and I'll try to get them addressed.

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