Volume 2 Kickoff and Upcoming Kickstarter

Chapter 6 Teaser

Alright! As of this coming Monday: February 26, 2018, the Wild Hunt comic is back! Next Monday we'll roll out the first 3 pages of Chapter 6 and begin the new story arc. We've updated the art style a bit and I think you'll find that the hiatus served us well.

So then; what's going on with the Volume 1 print edition? There's a Kickstarter campaign coming. We haven't nailed down an official date yet, but it's rolling out within the next week or two. If you're interested in knowing when it hits, the best places to watch are Facebook, Twitter, and/or tumblr.

I'll be wandering around in Seattle at Emerald City Comic Con next week (no tabling just yet) and the tentative plan at this point is to pull the trigger on the Kickstarter campaign the Monday after the con (March 5th).

So watch this spot! The sleeping giant is rousing.